Sunday, January 11, 2009

untitled #0002

I woke up thinking about you this morning; it made me very horny.

Reaching under the covers, I brushed my fingers over my clit then lower across the slit in my shaved folds. Stretching slowly, I exhaled a faint moan and explored between my legs, shocked by how wet I was. My fingers slid easily through the evidence of my arousal when I teased myself like you would, caressing and stroking so slowly. Pleasure rippled through my body and my nipples begged for attention. Closing my eyes, I moaned and arched upward under a grazing of nails I laid across my achingly hard nipples. I wanted to go slow, wanted to make it last, but I knew from the jolt of electricity that connected my nipple and pussy that I wouldn't be able to hold out that long.

Kicking off the covers, I imagined you in a sadistic sort of mood and slid my fingers up to my clit to give it a rough pinch like you would, crying out as my body betrayed me and my pussy twitched to life. Digging my nails into the base of my erect nipple, I imagined your teeth and inhaled a strained cry then exhaled a low, lusty moan. I heard your voice in my mind, a whisper with a growlish undertone, telling me what a naughty girl I was and how I should be punished.

Engulfed by the fantasy, it was your hand that rose and fell between my legs with a sharp smack. I bit back a scream the first time, but not the second, or the third, or the fourth. Panting, I writhed under the fingers caressing my clit again. Lifting my hips wantonly, I moaned and ground myself against my hand while I stretched my breast out with a harsh grip on my nipple.

I wanted to cum so badly and was teetering on the brink when I heard your voice growl at me not to cum. A sob erupted in the midst of my moans and I whimpered, slowing my hips and hand. Another sob, one strained with arousal and desperate need, clawed its way out of my throat when I imagined your voice telling me not to stop but not to cum, either. Rubbing my clit harder and faster, I panted out ragged sobs. Hot tears escaped my closed eyes and rolled across my temples to the bed when I lifted the hand from my breast and brought it down on my sore nipple with two stinging blows. With the second smack came your voice telling me to cum.

And I did. Hard.

My fingers danced across my clit with a heavy touch and heartbeats later I tipped my head back and screamed for you. My pussy convulsed and pleasure consumed me. Still touching myself like the naughty girl you adore, I screamed out a second orgasm before the first one even had the chance to subside halfway and the force of the third so close to the second seared me to my soul. I gradually slowed my fingers and my hands fell away from my quivering body. Before my breathing had even steadied, I was asleep again.

Love and bondage,
Rubi Jayne <3

untitled #0001

God, I was so hot and wet last night.

I stripped out of my clothes and inhaled a hiss through my teeth when the chill of the night air surrounded me. Closing my eyes, I exhaled a faint moan. The cool air felt exquisite against my heated skin. I reached for my robe nonetheless and pulled it on, snuggling against the plush warmth that fought off the cold.

Sinking into my chair, I stretched out sideways, draping my legs over one arm while resting my shoulders against the other. I shivered in the dark when I spread my legs wide, the cool air once again licking at my skin... only this time it was hot, wet, and very sensitive skin. Tipping my head back, I closed my eyes, imagining your tongue when I reached between my legs to stroke my already swollen clit. Soft, low moans lingered on my lips, my mind filled with images of your tongue lapping teasingly wherever I brushed my fingertips.

Shifting my hips, I pulled my legs up and braced my feet against the arm of the chair. The cold night air nipped at the smoothly shaven folds between my legs and I slid my fingers over them, reveling in my own heat and wetness. Bucking up against my fingers, I pushed them past my folds and bit back a moan, imagining your long hard cock sliding into me so easily. Pulling my soaked fingers back out, I found my clit again. I couldn't have held back my moan even if I'd wanted to. Neither could I go as slow as I'd originally wanted to, either. I wanted to cum for you too much. Rubbing my clit harder... faster... I imagined you fucking me with wild abandon, your pelvic bone grinding against my clit, your fingers on my nipple, your mouth... your teeth... on my throat. I reached up with my other hand and abused my nipple like you would, pinching it hard and pulling out until whimpers tainted my lusty moans.

I didn't last long. I couldn't. The pleasure and the pain mingled together was too much. Together they pushed me over the edge and I screamed, raw and strained from panting in my excitement. My fingers continued to move with a mind of their own, prolonging my ecstasy, extending the waves of my orgasm. I whimpered faintly when my pussy convulsed around... nothing. I ached to have your cock filling me while I climaxed and rode out the crashing waves of gratification. I pinched my aching clit lightly and cried out when I came again. I continued to caress and pinch my clit, cumming several more times. I stopped counting after the third; my mind was clouding and I was lost in the bliss.

Eventually I stopped touching myself, stopped cumming so hard that I couldn't breathe, and I stretched out across my chair again, purring. I slept that way for a few hours, my robe parted and the cold night air lapping at my overheated body.

Love and bondage,
Rubi Jayne <3