Monday, August 11, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much I suck at blogging?


I have a 2k-ish word snippet (can 2k words really be called 'a snippet'??) that was written in fun some time ago with no real purpose in mind other than, you know, fun. Now I'm thinking it should be part of a short story. I've been struggling to outline the story so that I have an idea of where to put the snippet and where I'm going with the story in general.

Have I ever mentioned how much I suck at outlining? Yeah. Completely suck. Can't even pretend I'm any good with outlining.


School starts next Monday (WOOHOO!! *ahem* Sorry...) and with school starting, I go back to having the majority of my days to myself. I'd really like to the have this outline at least rough drafted by Friday so that I can submerse myself in the actual writing part next week. I'm hesitant to edit the existing 2k-ish words because without the outline I'm not sure what should be edited (besides, you know, the painfully obvious things like -ly words and passive verbs) or how much it should be edited.

Another thing nagging at me is that I haven't even met the characters yet. Not really. I have... glimpses... of them but that's it. I haven't sat down with a pot of tea and really met them yet. Unfortunately, with this week being as it will undoubtedly be, I think meeting them will have to wait until Monday which automatically wipes out a full day of writing.

In other news, my other "mystery piece" has stalled, largely due to the whole lack of outlining skills on my part. Also, I'm not sure how to start it. I think I should outline it (even though outlines and I don't get along at all) since I want the final product to have some sort of actual plot rather than being nothing more than a semi-steady stream of deviant smut (which is what it was originally planned to be).

That's it for now. I should be working on an outline. Or maybe character development.

Love and bondage,
Rubi Jayne <3

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